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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Investigating on US CHINA foreign policy

"China" is the biggest and second growing Economy in the world, it is this fact that is highlighting the concerns of the US government and make it the concerns of the whole international buisness market place, this is highly depicted through the amount of the US foreign trade with China. The deficit of the United States economy is still growing and this fact is  pressing the economy to manifest it's own speculation and fear from the support of the international trade with Germany and Japan,who are the global one of the global leading forces in the world market place. 

The US debts is centered aroud 12 Trillion Dollars toward China and it is approximately around116 millions dollars aroud the world, this is a huge number that the United States  government is trying the rebalance when urging the Fedreral banks to put more money in the national banks, that's why i think that the major problem, is how to deal with the current deficit that's shaping the new world order and driving it. The huge impact of state capitalism is leading the whole region to redefine the international policies and political economy  which the world is facing. I think that we are living in a world full of profitability and economic miscalculated policies. The interaction between China and Unted States economy is leading and deterring any international intervention so we must care about the international economic consumptions with the new leading emerging economies like Turkey, Brasil, India, Malasia, that are driving the new world market place. 
I must recognise that a country like China is developing so fast that we are looking for an international polarisation of the world that's why i see that the international policy makers must redefine a new world economic perspectives and aim for sharing resoources instead of losing viability when applying new economic and political policies.