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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Behind The Nature


  Nature is the  place where man can escape and feel inside him self the ultimate space where he belongs and where he will returns, it is the place where he can find truth far away from the corrupted society where people are developing their careers and calculating their money until they find themselves barried in their own graves. Nature is the place where every human being belongs to and where he feels in complete refuge in a lifetime, embodied with deep refuge, fearing the days where he decieved our God in the deep corrupted Society. 
Far away from the deterioration of  any existing society. We always feel the need to be alone and to feel the nature of our soul. I see that the immerging industrial societies are killing  this beautiful intrinsec human nature, the essence of life and  our simple means of happiness. Life can not have a sense without sharing these intrinsec values not with fake attitudes and modernized thaughts, but with honesty, freedom, social security and decent moral principals. 

  Nature is an innocent place and i hope that the world will lose the fake side that is shaping his dark side and that is detering the nature of human being, we have to be pure human being and stop losing this intrinsec aspect of our own behaviour, we have to look to the futur with open eyes and decency. The concept of Modenity is a concept which is harming the intrinsec values of the human being and make it  corrupted, frozen, unsecured, fragile and hypocrite soul, that's why i m agianst the modernisation of the society and i m against the materialisation of our thaughts and our dreams. 

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