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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Muslim Women

Women is Islam should be the example of every women living in this earth, they should be the leaders of their community and work for a better futur for their families and for the respect and decency of their husbands. The woman covering her head is a protection for her and it is a respect for herself and for her body, it is a sign of a protection not a sign of oppression that's why the status of women in Islam is very crucial to build a coherante society where we can avoid the major problems of sexism and segreagtion.

Women in islam have to respect themselves and respect their husbands by showing complete obedience and complete consideration for them, that's why the concept of family in "Islam" is crucial and it is the basic entity that constracts the society and  builds differents aspects of a developed and sustained society where man and woman can live together and avoid  major social problems of segregation, fornictaion, sexual abuse and adultary. We all know that their is a natural interaction and feeling between man and woman so if they don't get seperated, it will lead to many social problems and  degrading behaviour. In Islam, Men have their own responsibilities and woman have their own responsabilities too, they have to manifest and provide to the society where they live a creative thinking and services fo the comunity like the wifes of our prophete Mohamed Peace of Allah Be Upon Him did. They worked in their homes and manifested their works for the services of the community that's why women in islam have the right to work if they want to. 

The Manifacturing of Misguiding Truth