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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Understanding The American Empire

The American empire has no history, in 1954 the United States intervened unilaterly to protect against vital interests, in 1948 it intervened in the middle east to still the interest of the targeted countries, the rich middle eastern countries in Laus, Congo, Brazil, there is so many theories about what is happening in Iraq, i won't really want to go in, but if you look to the history of the United States, every most president there is something that we don't really want, we don't like somewhere in the world and we get to do something, and we get to dispense some military force.
"Ronald Reagon" invaded Panama in 1983 this is not about a party, the United States fight as a nation, it percieved that it is in its interest to fight, we then mention words like freedom, and nice common values that are against freedom and much has been going on privately, the united states is thinking that it is a state of resisting and militance but they incredibly military and notorsitic nation, it is not the views of our selves that we wonna care around but the fact that we are, if the president and the military of the self defense establishement if they decided that there are problems some where in the world we have to bomb them some where in some region this is a ritual that the Unites States has seen for decades.
1953 Gutemala, Iran, Lebanon, Haiti, Cuba, Laos, Thailand, vietnam, Congo, Indonesia, Cameroun, Chilie, Angola, Afghanistan, Lybia, Nikaragua, Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Tchad, Bolivia, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Youguslavia... The United States topple goverments we have done cout d'etat, the united states used intelligent services, for corpal services and they have done horribal thinks and they came up with most dictatorial regim in the world they prompt them up, they have been training them how to abuse with the human rights and their own citizents, how to comit human right abuses, todays demons were yesterday friends all on the name either of the cold war, or for a commercial reasons, it's basically economic colonialism no one uses colonialism word but instead of just taking over the country we just have a better way we just go in and settle our market whether we have to sell it to their or we just mind their ressources, we need to be in that country for some reason, therefore we gonna talk about free markets, free trade but what really is going on is that we wonna our compagnies to get rich in your countries that's what it is all about it is about proliferating our PROFIT AND ECONOMY. 

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