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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Capitalist-State Capitalist system
Neo liberalsim
Libertarian Socialism
Market Anarchism
intervention in Greece 1947 and nikaragwa justifying the war in these countries
Everyone who believes the promises of any state is out of their minds, you don't know anythong about history
Setting the policy of Global domination
The white man's burden
The civilising mission
russian invading Afghanistan
United States is preservind democratie
Russian are interested in Socialism
The country opening it self to our penetration and control we will support then what matter the regim is
The united States is opposed to any existing society that is using it 's own ressources for it own purpouses, instead of integrating it self in an open world system, the economic american economic penetration and political control
The American Propagande System
Global Hegemony
52 Criminals
Welfare, State that provide public funds for poor people that's welfare,  most of the public welfare are from a rich people Taxes with an enourmous welfare program.. ......................

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