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Monday, 3 October 2011

Tunisian International Modal United Nations

Delegate of Canada in the Economic and Social Council

Tunisian International Modal United Nations

Government Relations industry
March 2011 – March 2011 (1 month) 14, Rue Hédi Karray, centre urbain nord, Tunis
TIMUN Club is a corporation founded in October 2009 by students of the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Science of Tunis. With the national corporation, I attended the Tunisian International Model United Nations as delegate of Canada to deal with the Economic and Social Council issues. We mainly discussed  upon the world Bank new economic reforms to opte for new legislations in decision making. We made an Introduction on International Economic relations procedures with the International Treaties and Policies on the  between Developing and Developed countries. During the meeting the delegates used mainly French and English langauge, i must sau that the conference was a very impressive experience which was sponsorised by the Tunisian International Modal united Nations Commity.I Hope the best for our  Delagate and honor the best of their contribution. 

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