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Friday, 7 October 2011

The role of Translators in the Global Era

"The role of translator has become crucial in the global era, we have to cope with the changing world, where we have to have a broder knowledge vis a vis the language, because the role of languages is very crucial to understand the culture and understand the region where we are living and where we interact with each others. The role of Translator and Interpreter remains very crucial in order to cope with the Economic, Political and Social changes that are occuring in the world and i think that we have to have a broader knowledge about the different perspectives that are chapping the world of today. Understanding the langauge is having a concreat environment to understand different cutures and people, this is what is fascinating about knowing languages and knowing their functionning to understand what is happening in the world when accrosing different languages. There is a complete understanding of the social changes to avoid misinterpretation on what is happening in the world and instead look for boosting our selfs and our thaughts vis a vis the inside feeling to be honest and respectful to the others with complete humility. 

"Understanding the language is understanding other believes  by openning your heart to know more languages"

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