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Thursday, 6 October 2011

The need to dicover Languages

We have to discover different languages in order to clear our vision of the world and try to understand the changing events that are shaping our world, we have to aim for preserving the multicultural aspect of this world by being pro-active and by having a deep look on other cultures and people to try to reform our selves and be critical. 

We have to be  enough patient and open minded  to respect other cultures and other believes and  look for intercultural sharing to reform our selves. Tunisia is such a great country and we have to preserve it which means preserving our Islamic Identity, Islamic tradition and Background, we have to deal with the current issues and try to build a country were all aspect of tolerance exist and ever last. The need for knowing different languages is crucial to understand that the world is a  place where we have to aim for sharing a lot of things with the other believes. We have to be tolerant but not loose our initial identities and convictions, we have to be open-minded and not forget to preserve our Identity and our National Heritage. 

We have to try to have a stable identity through the preservation of our language and identity to fight for our own convictions and our culture and provide the chance to share with deep honesty the values of our religion, culture and power of words. 

"To Open our selves to others we should first understand the language and the culture, how the people think and how they interact with each others"

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