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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

External Relations Coordinator with Aiesec University Tunisia

Aiesec University is a great experience, where i was able to discover a huge talented people who had faith for change and faith  for better future for our country, the aim behind such initiative is to have an opportunity to promote the values of leadership  and try to do voluntary work in order to promote the values of  leadership and the values of  sharing ideas and promotion sustainable development through leadership values. AIESEC is a renovating entity, that is conceived by many local business as a source to find talented people and leaders to build the future of tomorrow and build concrete actions to support the need of  further generation and meet  hope  for change. The  future of Aiesec is still somehow politicised so i hope that it will bring and real freedom to enhance ones knowledge about the nature of community.  I hope that this will bring much more freedom toward  the associative lifestyle that we are leading through our community engagement. I hope that the long time friends that i made through Aiesec will bring more values concerning the real aspects of what is happening in the world  and i hope that it will bring much more changes concerning the real aspects of  Aiesec International projects and particularly Aiesec university.

"Be a leader and try to make a decent  impact on the hearts of other people"

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