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Monday, 3 October 2011

The Great Linguist "Hamda Tamzali"

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The whole story started when I was at college, I started Teaching languages at the age of eighteen at the International Service Agency in Bizert and I begin to discover the enriching experience that took my path to discover and invest my time in knowing how language functions and how it is used, generated and conceived. I was mainly Teaching French, English and German in Summer time, I was recommended and supported by a great man, whose name is Hamda Tamzali and who first introduced me to discover the world of languages and to meet life time students and friends through interactive courses that we were designing and implementing together. I gained a lot from his Teaching Strategies, based on Interactive Communication Courses, Lesson Planing and Management, Translation and Interpretation.  I was mainly impressed by Hamda's linguistic competence and how he could move quickly from one language to another without facing any linguistic difficulties, also how he aimed to share his views and thoughts with his students with an emotional heart and deep honesty.
Following Hamda Tamzali's Path, I m working now on Learning and Teaching languages for National and International students, enjoying sharing my tiny knowledge to learn as much as i can and discover people from different parts of the world. I never stop questioning about the utility of speaking different languages berrying in mind the impressive world of languages and aiming to build mutual understanding between citizens of the world to avoid misconceptions and misinterpretations of other Cultures, Ethnicities and Customs. 

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