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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

British Council Tunisia Experience as Exam Supervisor

My experience in the British council was really fruitful, i was able to wok in a  high standered place where i was able to meet a lot of professional talented people from all over there world, i was able to really enjoy being with international candidates and i had the chance to meet colleagues at the professional level also i had the opportunity to enhance my professional skills. I think that there is a great difference between theory and practise and there is a great difference between what we learn and what we need to learn and to share what we are doing, to be honest and to be productive and proactive, to be honest and to look for boosting our selves and our faith to change the future and to have a clear vision about what is happening in the same line and the same perspectives, aiming to contribute to  build the ground of the county and have an impact to supervise and sustain ti future generation, by doing so we have to aim on building the county and we have to look for reforming our selves, we have to look deeper inside our hearts and inside what we want to do with deep honesty to our God to have faith and to aim to sustain the developement of our county and the world througt a deep sincere feeling. 

"we have to be open to the others and try to be proactive to secure faith in our hearts"

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