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Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Responsibility of Every Muslim

We have to aim for defending our religion and stop being the victims of our own misconceptions of our own religious values, i think that every Muslim has the opportunity to defend his own rights to live in a society with a deep spiritual and religious convictions toward his religion " Islam". The Tunisian society is constructed  by many cultural and ethnical groups that's why, i do think that every Tunisian citizen have to respect this multiculturalistic aspects of the Tunisian society by being proactive not reactive. In order to proof that we are active Muslim citizens we have to stop losing our religious identity, because when any society is no more based and found on Religious conventions, it will end to a deep destruction, the example of the Angligan Church.

I think that Islam should be manifested through the institutions that build any existing society, our society for example should be the example of the settlement of this new order, because this is the perfect example to build a sustainted and successful society where all the institutions interact with each other according to a certaion religious conventions and rules, for example countries like Iran is the first economic powers in the middle east region. The economy of Iran is the eignteenth largest economy in the world by purshasing power parity (PPP) and according to the Iranien officials claims it is going to be the 12th largest by 2015, the economy of Iran is a mixed of a Transition Economy with a large pulic sector and 50 per cent of the economy central planned, it is also a diversified economy with over 40 industries directly involved in the Teheran Stock Exchange, yet most of the county export are oil and gaz, accounting of a majority of goverment revenue. 

The islamic industrial society like UAE, Malasia, Iran... are the perfect example of a proficinent economic system of governance so i think that ruling any country with a religious perspective will be the perfect system to make a good buisnes and develop a coherant and stable national and international economy, but we have to place our selves in an international context with banking system and the authority of the industrial countries that are shaping the economy of the world.

To be continued. 

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