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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Occupy Wall Street Message

Wall Street is a financial institution, a bank of leaders cooporate profit are reaching high levels, and the unemployement is reaching the level of the great depression, so this people went to the street and say we have to do something, so fiscal policies like taxation with global governance and so one, does have a vicious cycle, in new work there is an immense poverty and a high level of profit, all most like the third world country like south Africa the infrastructures are collabsing, the schools are collapsing, and all of that increases and keep the size going and rising so it the time for some protest so for example the amount of budget that will be spend  for each candidate is will exceed one billion dollars for each, so where is that come from so basicaly a lot of them come from a financial institutions if you look to 2008 election, what swung Obama and give him the election was promarily financial institutions, that contributed for him than mc kane and they are expected to be paid back they were, and the next one will be even worse, in parlamentary systems including our own until maybe 20 years ago, position of influance in a part of the parlementary system let's say the Terror of the commity come from experience legislave contributions and so one that's gone if you want to be a chair of a commity in the house of the senate you have to pay of the party you have to pay for it where did you get the money to pay for it same pockets so there is an overwhelming capital of concentrated so it is harder and harder to distinguish between the elected candidates and the economic concentration, never was easy i should say but now it is reaching the extrem level over 2/3 of the public that the congress have been thrown out it means that the systeme is not working and the public knows it the very widespread sense that everything is going wrong, that tells you that the economic systeme is not functionning 

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