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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was not invaded and attaqued to overthrough the Taliban that came a couple weeks later, it was attaqued because G.Bush demanded that, the Taliban hand over Oussama Ben Laden and associate with the US, the taliban vasolated and they indicated that they must concer if there evidences will be provided, but the united states refused to provide evidences, i think it is a very week argument to say that the war in AF was a just war basicaly not, if you want the truth is one of the imoral acts, in the modern history, if you look back at october 2001 the US invaded Afghnistan because the Taliban refuses to hang over suspects without evidences, they have the right to do that supposes to provide evidence if you want extradition, at the time the estimates were about five million Afghans on immergance starvation, the estimates were if the US bombs, the estimates were to 1 millions more, in fact the 8 agencies which were afforced to lead when the bombing was proceded litteraly condamed the Bombing, many leading anti-Taliban Afghans including US favors condamed very harshly the Bombing, when Krushef put missils in Cuba it didn't lead to a nuclear war, and i get some party hack will say it's ok to put missils in Cuba, its' wasn't it is insane, if the worse didn't happened it wouldn't change the condition of choices what matters is not what i think what matters is what afghans think invading armies have no rights they have responsibilities, the first responsibility is to pay attention for those you are attaquing, if you look at the debae against Afghanistan strikingly one voice is missing, what the afghans think it 'is not easy to determin, it's not easily impossibal either, for exemple they there is an afghan  peace mouvement, it's pretty significant there voices is totally missing, have you heard about the story of Obama couple years ago this is also a reality, the reaction from 9/11 we had to defend our selves from Terror, so let imagine if the protection of the population from terror was a high priority for the governor supposed it's true what are the strike forward way to procede, i 'm sure that the specialist in the state departement could informe that the jihadi mouvement was highly critical of Obama and Ben Laden, they litteraly condemed Oussama Ben Laden, they were coming from the most prestigious Ashar university and the most important university, that denouced ben Laden and so one so they were a perfect opportunity to split the Jihadi Mouvement isolate oussama Ben Laden and would significly reduce the world of terror, instead they choose the opposit to act in a way which unites the Jihadi mouvement and vision and in the Iras they did even more, one of the innumurable exampls that protecting the population is not a high priority, of this goverment and the goverment in general, that would be a one reaction, of course there was a serious crime, not serious 9/11 and 1973 still very serious so what you do when there is a serious Crime, you try to identify the perpetraters, capture them its'an international issue, with international forces no problem in this case, and bring thel to trial thay could do that and they didn't try to do that and there is a reason, which was explained after that, 8 months after  9/11 the head of the FBI Robert Miller had an interviews with the Washington Post in which he told them that we really don't know who is responsibal he said we believe, that plot was hatched in Afghanistan, but people mended in the UAE and Germany well they only could believed in april until they preced in October which why they didn't repond, to the Taliban when they, who have made 10 of offers to extradide Oussama Ben Laden, one have to see some evidence to do as for extradition, and of course this was contempciously rejected, that's a major war crime, first there is no international autorisation of any kind that totally violat international law, but there was a moral war crime in a deeper sense, you have to go back to that time, the bombing over Afghanistan will put 2/5 other million in danger and some of the ani-taliban was suppoting the ends of the united states one of them their favorite Abd el Hak, they strongly abjucted the bombing, they said that the bombing is killing innocent people, underminding our efforts to kill the Taliban they thaugh pretty reasonably they could succed they only doing because they want to show they muscles and intimdate the world, and afghanistan unfortunitly has a strategic place in the region, south asia easter asia, that goes way backs in the history, you heard at the other night the world supported us in the bombing it dependes much more on how you define the word, so for example if the word includes the people of the world, we know the answer you have to find the answer but it is not really difficult, but right after bombing was announced, but before it starded, there was an international survey wich askec the people if they were in favorite of the bombing, the question was asked in the assumption, after their selected that the arly will go after the perpetrators and that the civilians would be attaqued which of course never happened on that assumption was a littles support, even two countries has a majority support, one was India, the other was Israel, and i don't think that they were thinking about afghanistan, that india was thinking about kashmir and israel of the Palestinians so you will go to bomb people so bomb afghanistan even in Europe the percentage was 30 percent or 20 percent, must most interesting were the latin american, latin america has an liite bitte of experience wih US intervention, the figue support ranged from 2 percent in mexico which means the half of mexico, to 11 percent in Columbia, even in Panama in columbia it was 16 percent that was the popular support for bombing, which was targetting civilians and it did and the media clapped by not reporting, international gallopole is kind of important that 's why it is suppressed why we are staying we don't have internal documents i suspect partly the same reason, strategic location so one and so for and the steal made machine when he was writting about US policies in Vietnam through the 60th, the idea is just keep it going, don't lose the next election, if you want to win the war, in my opnion the US win the war, that's another story, but if you want to reach the maximum of Goels, you wouldn't have to move to a nuclear war fare or something like that the afghanis and the pakistanes will suffers if this continues. 

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