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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Green Theory in International Relations

Green Theory in international relations is a sub-field of international relations theory which concerns international environmental cooperation.[1] The majority of scholarly literature in international relations approaches environmental problems from a liberal institutionalist perspective focusing on international environmental regimes. There is a relationship between Globalization and Environment which is among the forces behind the birth of green theory. However a unified theory is missed.

Liberal institutionalism

Green IPE

This field studies the impact of IPE (international political economy) and it has been widely accepted as an area within IR theory. The strongest protesters of such irregular emigration movements are the ecofeminists who tend to gather once a month to hold non-peaceful and noisy demonstrations.

Normative and Cosmopolitan

One aspect of Green IR theory is normative theorising such as bioregionalism.

Security Studies

Green IR approaches have challenge traditional approaches to security in international relations. This has included the concept of environmental security which has involved the 'securitization' of environmental threats. 

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