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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Us Iraq Conspiracy

The worst attrocities that Sadam carried out including the chemical gaz with the kurds, the US BRITAIN happenly gave him aid and support including aid that enable him to develop weapon of mass destruction, that they knew perfectly well at that time, he was far more dangerous that he was today Iraq was then much more powerful state and nothing was considered wrong with this in fact dady bush go far in the 1990 couple mounths before the invasion of Kouet president Bush number one send a high senetorial delegation headed by Bob Dall, a presidential candidate to Iraq to convey his greedings to the freind Sadam tell him how much he appreciated this contribution, and to tell him that he should disregard critical comments that he was hearing from the press, the free press thing here we know that it is nit his crimes that was not the reason for the intended conquest nor the developement of his mass destruction, which George bush number one was aiding him to constructing this is actualy an altemate hypocrisy, very amazing sign of educated people in the US Britain France, that they can let this continue they had a wisper of contest take a look and see, so the resons were very obvious, Iraq has the largest second oil reserves in the world and Saoudi Arabi it's been obvious all a long that the US will do something to regain the control overthere the immense ressources on the kasbien see, certainly the US will deny this ressources to adverseries now France, Russia have the inside track on them the US will take it over, the question is how, is a very tricky operation, one problem, one technical problem the real probem is you have to got sure that there is a new regim imposed and the new regime must be completely undemocratic and there is a reason for that if there is ant element of democracy in the new regim the population will have some voice on what is happening, that's what's democracy population get some minimun voice,  but the proble is that the majority of the countries are Shiha which means that the extend of the other population has no voice, it will be moving toward it's relation to Iran, which is the last thing the US wants furthermore the kurs in the northern part who were another of the big part of the population is gona press for sometime of the Economy and Turquie will go on strike when that happened as will the united states so somehow you will have to have some regim change which restrors something like Sadam Houssein a Suni based Military Regim which will be able to control the population, furthermore this is completely explicit then you may recall in march 1991 right after the golf war the US totally controled the Area after the Golf war there was a Shihi rebellion in the south including Iraqui Rebellion generals they can ask for any aide from the united states the most they asked for the US alowed then to capture Iraquy equipements George bush the first ha a different idea he authorized his freind sadam to use air-power to crash the shihi presistance, the General Warshcop later said when he authorised Sadam to use Aircraft he was snocherd by the Iraquies and sadam was awful is he tricks you all the times he used military aircraft to crash the Shia same with kurds in the north right at that time Thomas Friedman who was diplomatic correspondante for the new york times states which means the US departement spokes man and he was giving lies and he was pretty frunk about it he said the best of our worls is the US and thta's the world they are tryibg to found now. 

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