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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The manufacturing Conscent

As the economic crises deepens, peole are becoming to question they preconceptions about capitalism but have question capitalism before, what keep the people radically changing from keeping order, why do we concept to the word capital, why do we conscent to our own exploitation, in a capiltalist society the social relationship between people to produce thinks take the form market exchanges,  a commoditis that are excahged for money thus we often got the impression that money and commodities are in driving secenes, money is what rules the world, commodities have values in influance in all by themselves, is it true that money and commodities express truth and social values, but this value and this social power come from something else, the basic social relations behind the market exchange, the social relations between people as they produce things, an this is the social thing between any radical social figure, if we understand the economic orders it is not magical, that are endowed with mystical powers, but the economy and social relations if we understand that we are taking the first step toward figuring out how we change the world, but this is precisely the opposit of the world that we experience capitalism the experienced capitalism in an analysed form each of us in an isolated form modering in the world of the line impersonal market forces than act upon us. the remain like the state affairs in the world we don't engage in actions to change them is restricted to the market freedoms, freedom to choose which commodities to buy and which capitalist we sell our labor too, we don't have the freedon to not choose this things.....

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