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Friday, 11 February 2011

A Printing Wall

The printing wall is one of my unforgettabal souvenirs when i was a student at the university of Tunis between 2007 and 2010, i was illustrating all my souvenirs in a walls that pictured all my thaugts and  feeling to the outside world. Every one of us has his own experience which is depected from his own life experience and everyone of us is trying to make the right path to reach his fixed

We have to have faith in our hearts and we have to came to a crossing road  to meet our efforts and to aim for a better futur for the world where Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Christians, Jewish can coexist and can live in a peaceful world. We have to aim fo building a better futur for our up coming generation when it comes to social, economic and political arenas. My own experience told me that "Islam" is the perfect path to realize one self and it is the lightenning raod for all human being to reach success and pride. When i was at the university, i read many books of philosopghy, history, sociology and litterature and i have noticed that all these domains are in one scripture and one book embodied in  the "Quran", inside this book we can feel security and manage our life in a complete structred system embodied in the Religion of Islam. 

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