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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Language and Mind

Language is a human faculty which enables us to describe and materialize our thaughts,  it is the study of the scientific approche that defines the general unfolding of our cognitive and genetic program which allows us to generate and study the scientifique approche of the language usage as a cognitive tool to try to put forward and enhance our thaughts to describe, study and regulate our approche and understanding to the outside world. The amazing scientific approche that is determined through the lingusitic studies of the  language use in different aspects of our life and in differentt domains like Sociolinguistic, Pragmatic, Translation and Interpretation, this specific use is the determination of humain interaction with the outside world that reveals to us the particular use of the language is very complexe and through this approch we should be careful to the scientific study of the specific grammatical rules that generates our understanding to the external environment .

The society is a place where humain beings are interacting with each others and making there own choices and interest  when looking for a new hope and a new economic and social perspectives, simpply by talking about their feeling, emotions, interpreatations and social intergrity. The fundamental study of the humain language is necessary to depect the social behaviour  in our own society where we create a lot of  funny and rich new vocabulary and where we must enhance communication to better understand the social interaction to deter the major  problems of  undestanding and wrong interprtatinon of our verbal and moral behaviour.

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