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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The world Global Economy

Through the last events that are occuring in The Arabe region world, The global economy is in need of any finacial and external initiative from the global superpowers in the line of the general developement of the sustained economy growth  in  the north africain region , some local firm are looking for renovating their local buisnesses and creating a new perspectives for the new local industry perspectives and this new talented generation  now we  must argue on the centre of the new regional developing that  is making the foreing investors very sceptique about the new buisness strategies and the role of the this political sphere which  is occuring in the third world societies, when we make a general look on the role of the media in those countries we see that this propaganda  is still under the new identity of  the countries that are remaining under the international world buisness devices, if we make a precise look on the amout of money that the previous and new specially South Americain and Africain dictators are hidding behinf there faces, we can notice that is an incredibal amout of stolen local benefits, so  we can qualify those countries fll of materials ressouces so we ca estimate that those are a  developed countries where fundamental humain rights will be preserved and valorized.

About the local buisness conceptions of the International business investement in Tunisia, we must say that the North African trade is a basic need for any developed country in the region, because the economic inverstigation is revealing that those countries embody a great ressources at the level of the regional and international global world economy, the problem is how the next generation from the world of buisness affairs will  inverst their intellectual strategies in creating a whole new and rennovated aspect of the regional developement of the North Africain world trade, i see that we must cope with the local situation is the region bacause the Political and Economic perspectives is going hand in hand, so this conception should be under some local govermental rules that aim to further enhance our Economy and international buisness contribution.

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