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Friday, 11 February 2011

Pride of the irony

Inside the hills of the world there is a little  butterfly singing alone and looking for dead  hearts  of the world, under the fires of weapons and under the burning of humanity. This image is in the heart of every man breathing in this earth, looking for hope of  one tear and deep faith.
I'm standing there behind your beautiful eyes looking for your creation to make  my self  a man who needs the mercy of God , this is what makes me a deep sensitive man living for my religion and for my reflexions, i want to be a  free man from the eyes of the world by standing alone looking for my wisdom to describe the conception of the beauty of God's creation in the floor of my world. I 'm a simple man breathing in the deep and beautiful aspects of nature with its different colors and freezing places, alone nourishing my passion for reading, writing and enjoying the innocence of my Critical thoughts and Conceptions of the Nature of Human being. 

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